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Guru Deba Prasad Das style of Odissi Dance

Leena MohantyGuru Deba Prasad style of Odissi dance is famous for its pristine qualities and immaculate compositions. His exquisite sabdaswarapata, his marvelous improvisation of bols of Gotipua tradition, his restraints and subtle artistry on abhinaya create an unparalleled beauty of the classical form. With deep understanding of texts like Geeta Govinda and other medieval literature of Orissa, his Odissi was free from any sophistry and fills one with joy of a consummate desire to be born and reborn again.

Leena MohantyDeba Prasad Das's style of dance evolved differently with a freshness of approach, all its own. A compactness of movement and expression which never forsook brevity and simplicity for ostentatious decoration, became the hallmark of his style. His fascination for exploring and deriving inspiration from tribal dance movements, gave Deba Prasad Das's style a special vigour and verve.

The dance form is a cocktail of diverse creative impulses blended together to yield an organic and earthy flavour. Simple, lyrical, profound the only style of its kind.

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