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Rasamanjari - a magazine on art and life - was launched on 11 July 2002 in New Delhi. Justice V Balakrishna Eradi released the first issue and Minister for Tourism and Culture, Shri Jagmohan received the first copy. Senior critics of music and dance, Smt. Shanta Sarbjeet Singh, Smt. Leela Venkataraman, Shri Utpal Banerjee and others addressed the gathering.

Earlier Shri Manjit Singh, Publisher of Rasamanjari welcomed the dignitaries. Shri GS Rajan, Editor-in-Chief of Rasamanjari delivered the vote of thanks. Annual subscription fee for this exclusive publication on Indian classical music, dance and allied arts is just Rs.180/- (US$ 30)

Rasamanjari is promoted by Adyant and Harman Publishing House.

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Cover Page: Photograph of Manjari Chaturvedi. Photographer: Amit Mehra
CONTENTS include:

Tripura KashyapBody Landscapes

Coincidences have shaped my life.One such occasion was when I travelled to the USA in the late eightees to train as a dance therapist. The experience dramatically altered my perception of dance. Tripura Kashyap writes from Bangalore.



A Profile on Sitar maestro, Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shankar


Preeti VasudevanKASH - A marvellous Journey

Our correspondent from London, Preeti Vasudevan writes on one of Europe's rising star, Akram Khan, a South Asian British choreographer.



We all know that a dog's tail wags, and that people's tongues wag. We know that there can be curly tails and tales with a twist. And sometimes they start wagging, those tales with a twist.


Chitra Visweswaran Chitra at 40

Eminent guru of Bharata Natyam Smt. Chitra Visweswaran completes 40 years on stage.

Yoga and the way of Art

This article is written by Kathak exponent and Yoga instructor, Nisha Mahajan


Aditi MangaldasAditi Mangaldas -
A Profile

Plus articles on music, dance, drama, visual arts, news from all over the world. Subscribe today.


Please send your cheque for Rs.200/- (US$30) in favour of 'Harman Publishing House, New Delhi' along with your name and complete postal address to The Managing Director, Rasamanjari, A-23, Naraina Insdustrial Area Phase II, New Delhi 110 028.

Correspondents: Vasumati Badrinathan, Sunanda Nair, Preeti Vasudevan, Pallavi Krishnan, Rekha Tandon, Reela Hota, Johny ML, Vyjayanthi Kashi, Ragini Trivedi and others

Illustrations & Cartoons: Sudhir Nath, Shinod AP, Shiju George

Production-in-Charge: Jagpreet Arora

Managing Editor & Publisher: Manjit Singh, Harman Publishing House

Editor-in-Chief: GS Rajan

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