Pratap Pawar - Divine Dancer
Pratap Pawar Pratap Pawar is popularly known as " India's Divine Dancer" . Pratap has recieved extensive training in the most authentic and traditional manner from Pandit Birju Maharaj. He has the honour of being the very first Disciple (Gandabandh Shagird) of Shri Birju Maharajji.

After establishing himself in India as a celebrated dancer, Pratap was sponsored abroad to popularise the art of Kathak, Folk and Creative dances. For the last 15 years Pratap has been residing in London, England. During his stay here, he has taught in Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan and the The National Academy of Indian Dance. Pratap Pawar is the founder and artistic director of "Triveni" dance company, London.

Moreover he has trained over 700 students from different races during 8 years stay in the Caribbean countries and the West Indies. He is the founder of famous Triveni Dance Company based in London, England. Apart for teaching in London,Pratap Pawar Pratap Pawar also holds regular monthly workshops in Glasgow, where a very large number of students undertake training. Pratap has undertaken a lot of work in bringing together different cultures by blending Indian dance with Flamenco, Caribbean, Modern dance, etc. For this he has recieved great acclaim worldwide.

Pratap Pawar is a priviledged artist credited with great performances at the Royal Festival Hall, The Queen Elizebeth Hall and the Purcell Rooms, Kings Theatre (fund raising for famine in Ethiopia).
Pratap Pawar has a long acclaimed list of memorable performances throughout his life. His performance at the Presidential House in Delhi has won him great name and fame. This performance was in honour of visiting dignitaries from around the world such as President J.F. Kennedy, President Kaounda, Her Majesty Queen Elizebeth, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Mrs. Indira Gandhi and manu others.